Adolescent Sibling Pregnancy Prevention (teen pregnancy)

Adolescent Sibling Pregnancy Prevention Project aims to prevent pregnancy among adolescents (aged 11 – 17) with a pregnant or parenting teenage sibling. This group is identified as being at high risk of early pregnancy. There is no prescribed intervention except for a once-a-month face-to-face meeting with the adolescent and a specially trained case manager. Activities that can be offered include individualised care and sex education, including information on abstinence and contraception. On average, adolescents receive 18.4 hours of services, or approximately two hours per month.

Target group Young people aged 11-17 with a pregnant or parenting teenage sibling.
Focus of intervention
    Level of intervention
    • Selective prevention
    Outcomes affected
    • Good behaviour
    • No risky sex
    Impact of intervention

    Teen Pregnancy (under age of 18) : -0.19*
    Initiation of sexual activity: -0.28*
    Truancy: -0.08

    *statistically significant at p<0.05

    Figure(s) taken from this report.

    Risk & protective factors targeted

    Cost-benefit analysis

    Source of benefits

    Contact information

    California Department of Health Services, Maternal & Child Health Branch
    714 P Street, Room 750
    Sacramento, CA 95814


    Local authorities running the intervention in the UK
    • None known at present

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