Adolescents Coping With Depression

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Adolescents Coping with Depression is a skills-based small-group treatment programme for actively depressed adolescents. It consists of 16 two-hour sessions delivered over eight weeks. Adolescents are taught several skills deemed to relieve depression, including assertiveness, relaxation, cognitive restructuring, mood monitoring, increasing pleasant activities, and communication and conflict-resolution. A parent component helps keep parents aware of what their teens are learning.

Target group Adolescents aged 14 -18 who have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), dysmythia, minor, or intermittent depression.
Focus of intervention
  • Individual and peer
  • Family
Level of intervention
  • Indicated prevention
  • Treatment
Outcomes affected
  • Not depressed
Impact of intervention

*statistically significant at p<0.05

Figure(s) taken from Appendix A of this report.

Risk & protective factors targeted

Cost-benefit analysis

Source of benefits

Contact information

Paul Rohde, Ph.D.
Oregon Research Institute
1715 Franklin Blvd.
Eugene, OR 97403


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