Bright Bodies

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Bright Bodies is a 12-week weight management programme for over-weight (obese) children aged 7-16 and their parents. It combines exercise, nutrition education and behaviour modification.

Target group Over-weight (obese) children aged 7 to 16 years old and their parents.
Focus of intervention
  • Individual and peer
  • Family
  • Economic
Level of intervention
  • Selective prevention
Outcomes affected
  • Healthy weight
Impact of intervention

*statistically significant at p<0.05

Figure(s) taken from Appendix A of this report.

Risk & protective factors targeted

Cost-benefit analysis

Source of benefits

Contact information

Mary Savoye
Yale University School of Medicine
2 Church St. South, Suite 201
New Haven, CT 06520


Local authorities running the intervention in the UK
  • None known at present

Please contact us if you are running this intervention in the UK.