Coping Power

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Coping Power is a preventive intervention delivered to at-risk children aged 10-13 years. It involves structured cognitive-behavioural group sessions children and behavioural parent training groups delivered to their parents. Coping Power addresses key factors including social competence, self-regulation, and positive parental involvement. The programme lasts between 15-18 months.

Target group Children and adolescents aged between 10 - 13 who are perceived as being "at risk".
Focus of intervention
    Level of intervention
      Outcomes affected
      • Good behaviour
      • Not using substances
      Impact of intervention

      *statistically significant at p<0.05

      Figure(s) taken from Appendix A of this report.

      Risk & protective factors targeted

      Cost-benefit analysis

      Source of benefits

      Contact information

      Coping Power Programme
      The University of Alabama
      Box 870348
      Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0348


      Local authorities running the intervention in the UK
      • None known at present

      Please contact us if you are running this intervention in the UK.