• By Dartington SRU
  • Posted on Tuesday 28th October, 2014

IIC goes to EUSPR: Resources and reports roundup

Investing in Children had the pleasure of travelling to Palma de Mallorca this month to attend the inspiring Fifth Annual Conference of the European Society for Prevention Research (EUSPR).

With a focus on the economics of prevention, conference sessions ranged from ‘Supporting the use of prevention evidence in practice and policy making’ to  ‘Cost effectiveness and economic decision making’.

Plenary speakers included Stephanie Lee from WSIPP who not only delivered the excellent talk about strategies to compare the costs and benefits of prevention, but also joined Investing in Children in a special session to present the WSIPP/Investing in Children economic model.

Stephanie Lee from @WAPublicPolicy talking about the use of economic evidence in prevention policy #euspr14 pic.twitter.com/ahODHfBAmm

— EUSPR (@euspr) October 17, 2014

To complement the session, we thought it would be a great idea to round up the resources and reports about our cost-benefit model that we’ve published over the past fourteen months.

A useful first start is our feature article, published in September 2013, which gives an overview of cost benefit analysis, the economic model that underlies the IIC cost benefit figures, as well as the process of adapting the model for the UK context.

You may also be interested in the more detailed technical report, also published in September 2013, which further describes the process of adapting the WSIPP model for the UK.

Rounding out our trio of publications from our September 2013 launch is the comprehensive overview of our vision for Investing in Children, and the strengths and limitations of our cost benefit model.

We’d like to leave you with an encouragement to look around the site and explore our available cost benefit information – take our current intervention of the week, Quick Reads, for an example: with a cost of £68, the programme provides a total benefit of £2,070 per child –  with a benefit-cost ratio of 30.44, this estimates a return of £30.44 for every £1 spent.

Did you catch our presentations on Investing in Children at EUSPR? Has this roundup been helpful? Would it be helpful to provide more link roundups in the future? Get in touch and let us know. 

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