Standards of evidence

Dartington Social Research Unit's 'what works' standards of evidence are designed to help determine if an intervention has an effect on relevant outcomes and whether it is feasible to implement in a public service system. They have four dimensions:

  1. Intervention specificity - is the intervention focused, practical, logical and designed based on the best available evidence?
  2. Evaluation quality - is the evaluation design and execution robust enough to permit confidence in the results?
  3.  Intervention impact - what do robust evaluations tell us about how much impact the
    intervention has on key developmental outcomes for children?
  4. System readiness - can the intervention be implemented in the ‘real world’
    context of a public service system?

A guide to Dartington Social Research Unit's standards is provided here. Interventions marked as 'Blueprints approved' on the search  page meet a slightly adapted version of these standards according to Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development.